May 18, 2011

Keepin' the 2-year-old focused!

Sorry I fail at writing blogs… I really am not the world’s best writer and I typically leave that department to my mother.  Once I get going I’m usually fine (at least I’m counting on that happening in this post!)

I’ve learned to make life a game.  In my house we all help with chores every day and the littlest kids, Scout and Curly, are in charge of unloading the dishwasher(s).  In reality this chore takes approximately 8 minutes, but they can drag it out to 8 hours on any given day!  So in order to encourage them to start and finish their job I have devised games that keep them motivated and focused on the task at hand.  The four games are:

Time Me! – I count as they put each item away.  This game works for ANY chore and is ridiculously motivating. 

Secret Agent- Standing flat against the wall, rolling on the ground, and peeking around the corners.  This game takes a bit longer, but they love it and really get into it!

Color Me ______! – When unloading the dishwasher they have to put away all items that are a certain color (i.e. all the blue objects) and then either I guess what color it was or I tell them if they put away the mystery color I was thinking of.  This one also reinforces colors which is always a bonus.

Classifying Cups and Bowls- Similar to the color game, they put away all the items that are the same.  (i.e. cups, bowls, spoons, etc)

Well.  Those are my secrets.  (: It makes my life a lot easier when they are happy and motivated to do their chores.  If you have any other ideas for a good Job Game, let me know! (: I always like comin’ up with new ones to shake things up.

Peace out.



  1. You need to get married and have some kids of your own! You will be an amazing mom someday...

  2. Wow, those are fabulous ideas.
    Who knew putting away dishes could be so entertaining.

  3. I love your great ideas I don't think I am that creative crafty