October 30, 2012


Today I was driving home from the gym. My mind was focused on what the numbers on the scale had said, what I was doing later in the evening, and the ridiculous amount of traffic. I soon spotted the source for the traffic.

Someone had gotten pulled over by an unmarked cop car.

Haha. Sucker!

Being the nosy rubber-necker that I am, I watched what transpired as I was stopped at the red light. I had the perfect view.

The car had pulled onto a hill of a little driveway close to the Smith's parking lot, and the cop had pulled up right behind the car. The cop went to the window of the tiny red car and spoke to the driver. Then he went around to the back by the trunk. (drug bust, anyone??) He put his hands against the car and started to push.

This was the point where I felt like a total jerk. The poor little car had run out of gas 100 yards away from the gas station and now couldn't make it up the hill.  The cop pushed and I mentally cheered him on. Go! Go! GO! Just then a white suburban stopped his car on the other side and another character came into the picture. A young hipster jumped out and ran to help the cop. Together they pushed the car up the incline.

The light turned green and I drove home.

I witnessed common decency from the human race. And it made my heart swell. I'm grateful to be a human today. I'm grateful to be alive. I'm grateful for cops and hipsters. I'm grateful to have witnessed such a simple yet immense act of service.