April 28, 2011


Some days I feel like a seal in a circus; my only purpose in life is to jump through hoops, or balance on the tip of my nose, all on the command of others.  AKA: Professors. 

Alas, the semester is done. I’m officially a 2nd semester Senior that only has to complete her student teaching. 

Thank you to my wonderful cohort, for stickin' through the circus and some of the best times! I will miss you.
BEST COHORT EVER!! Spring 2011- Seniors

This circus will end; then I will be the Ring Master!



  1. Your cohort is so cute and lively! I love that you're front and center, Ringmaster. :]

  2. Aren't we so beautiful! (: I miss them... it's sad that it's all over. Thanks for commenting Aloe, and following, and being my best friend. (:

  3. Cute pics! You know I felt like that when I was in school too.
    Love you...