April 28, 2011

Focus, sh-pocus!

I’m going to start a blog.  A blog that describes my voyage to becoming a teacher.  I will have short anecdotes, thoughts, reflections, observations, resources, etc.  Hopefully this will go over well. 

I think it is very poignant to not constantly redirect children when they are day dreaming during a quiet task.  As I am sitting here observing the students I also am supposed to be working on a future lesson plan I have, but I find myself constantly staring out the door, watching the students, or at the blank nothingness.  I realized that five minutes ago I was constantly pointing students back to their work the second they looked up from their cursive book, but it could hinder them in the future.  Often times our brain needs a short break and we need to be self-motivated enough to end our break and get back to our task.  When you are a college age student you will not always have a teacher there to say “Teach, get back to your research paper.”  So as a teacher, in third grade you need to give students the chance to pull themselves back to their task or gently tap them on the shoulder and pull them from their reverie.  Just a thought from a volunteer in the classroom. 

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  1. I think those are excellent thoughts. Probably one that more teachers need to embrace.